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What Should You Not Do After A Partial Hysterectomy?

If your doctor feels there are some irreparable damages in your uterus, he might suggest hysterectomy procedure to remove your uterus fully. However, if there were damages only to the upper part of your uterus then he would suggest partial hysterectomy, which would be to remove only the upper part of the uterus without disturbing the cervix. This is a common procedure performed among women population living across the world.

The procedure called partial hysterectomy needs only very less recovery time such as a couple of weeks when compared to total hysterectomy procedure, as it needs more than 2 months to recover. After your recovery from partial hysterectomy, your doctor will warn you about a few things that you must stay away from. Make sure you follow it religiously to live a better life. This will help you to avoid further complications as some regular activities would act against your body condition and lead to unfavorable results.

Partial HysterectomyDo not carry any heavy things:

Remember that you must not carry any objects that are heavy after the recovery period of Partial Hysterectomy, as it would make the surgical wounds to open up. This will lead to severe infection and even cause severe damage to the affected region. Make sure that the things you carry are light weight and restrict yourself from carrying objects that have immense mass or volume.

Stay away from activities that demand physical exertion:

When you are recovering from partial Hysterectomy, make sure that you do not indulge in any activity that will cause physical exertion. Make sure you get enough rest as some simple day to day activities will leave you feeling tired. This will also improve your body condition after the surgical procedure.

Do not remain in your bed for a long period of time:

Though you will be advised by your doctor to get good amount of rest, it is essential for you to make sure that you do not end up in your bed the whole day on the pretext of taking rest. Make sure you take regular intervals for resting with precalculated time for each session to make sure you are not lying on the bed all day long. Remember to move in your house or in your garden regularly as soon as you can after the surgery to speed up your process of recovery.  Walking every day will prevent the occurrence of many complications like blood clots etc.

Stay away from sexual activity:

Your doctor would advice you to stay away from sexual activities for a while when the process of recovery is taking place in your body after partial hysterectomy. This is mainly because sexual activity would be physically draining and such a strenuous activity would hinder with the recovery period from the surgery. Apart from that, physical relationship would also cause injury among post surgical patients, as their uterus will be still in the recovery period. However, once the recovery period gets over, you can indulge in these activities without any restrictions.

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